How does Primavera P6 summarize data in the Summary / Grouping Band

We may wonder How does P6 calculates and displays summary information for costs, quantities, user defined fields, dates, durations, float, progress…

I will explain it in this article.

These calculations and display summaries are based on the currently visible activities. Activities removed from the layout by filters are not included in the calculations and summaries.

Costs and quantities:

P6 totals cost and quantity data items, such as budgeted cost and budgeted quantity, by adding the values for each activity in the summary.


If you display early dates, P6 shows the earliest early (or actual) start and the latest early (or actual) finish dates. The same rules apply for late dates and baseline early and late dates. Continue reading “How does Primavera P6 summarize data in the Summary / Grouping Band”