Benefit of using Primavera P6 in Delay Analysis

These are some benefit of using Primavera P6 in Delay Analysis: 1. Filter which activity affect the MilestoneThere are so many Delay Event happen in project. Each Delay Event affect certain Activities. Which Delay Event or Activity affect the Milestone? Using P6, we can easily identify which activity affect a certain Milestone. Then we can... Continue Reading →


How does Retained Logic, Progress Override and Actual Dates in Scheduling Options work?

In P6 there are three options in the Scheduling Options dialog: Retained Logic Progress Override Actual Dates These three options control how P6 calculates "Out of Sequence Progress". We have a simple project with 3 activities: The activity logic dictates that A2 should not begin until A1 has been completed, but in the real world sometimes A2... Continue Reading →

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