How to highlight a Time period in Gantt chart in Microsoft Project

MS Project do not provide a tool to highlight a time period in Gantt chart.

So how can we do it?

First you create a new calendar. For example “Gantt Shade”


In Exception tab, add the Time period you want to highlight. (From January to March) Continue reading “How to highlight a Time period in Gantt chart in Microsoft Project”


How to edit Project calendar in Microsoft Project

By default when we create a new project in Microsoft Project it use 5 day work week. How about we want to use 6 day work week.

I will show you how to do it.

We have a simple project using default 5 days work week.


We can see a task with 10 days duration start on 16-Sep and finish on 29-Sep.

Now we will change Project calendar from 5 days work-week to 6 days work-week. Continue reading “How to edit Project calendar in Microsoft Project”

Convert Microsoft Project MPP to MPX to import to Primavera

Nowadays, Microsoft Project save file as MPP format. However Primavera allow to import file as MPX format.

So, here is the tool help you to convert MPP to MPX.

Open Microsoft Project file and a blank screen appear

When you work with Microsoft Project 2010 in 2 monitor, you finish working, save the file and then next day you open a project file and a blank screen appear like this:


What the he**, where is my project?

At first I thought the file is damaged, but it isn’t.

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Microsoft Project : Custom View (New view) appear in all Project

When you need to customize a View and save it for later use, sometimes we only need that View for a certain Project.

However by default Microsoft Project always save New View to Global template, and it will appear in all project. This can cause problem because day by day the list of View will increase and become a mess.


In order to tell Microsoft Project not to save it to Global template, but only save in this project, we will simply turn off an option.

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