Create critical path for “any activity”

In Primavera when we use the default “Critical” filter, it will show the critical path for the whole project (for the last activity).


How about if we want to show critical path for an activity which is somewhere in middle of project, not the last one.

In this case we can use “Multiple float paths” function.

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Microsoft Project : Custom View (New view) appear in all Project

When you need to customize a View and save it for later use, sometimes we only need that View for a certain Project.

However by default Microsoft Project always save New View to Global template, and it will appear in all project. This can cause problem because day by day the list of View will increase and become a mess.


In order to tell Microsoft Project not to save it to Global template, but only save in this project, we will simply turn off an option.

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What does “Effort driven” option in Microsoft Project do?

You may wonder what does “Effort driven” option in Task Detail Form do?


Here I have 2 tasks.

Task A doesn’t have Effort driven check. When I assign 2 resources to it, the Work unit for each resource doesn’t change (80h for each resource). No matter how many resource I assign, each resource will get 80h.


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How does “Resource curve” work?

Let say we have an activity with 100 days duration and 100 labor units. By default it use Linear spread.

It mean, when you reach 5% of duration (5th day in this example) you have 5% of total unit (5 unit in this example). And it spread evenly to that period.

So resource spreadsheet will be like this:

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