Shortcut for moving WBS element

In WBS window, we can create a whole WBS structure by keyboard (faster than using mouse).

In stead of click on the Plus icon to create a new WBS, we can press “Insert” button on keyboard.

Enter the ID, press “Tab” then enter the name.

We may want to move it left, instead of click on Left arrow, we can use shortcut:

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Can not import Layout

Your colleague send you Primavera XER file and Layout file. After you import project successfully, you click on Layout -> Open -> Import -> Select the layout. And this error appear:


You may think “Wow, this layout file must be damaged. I need to tell him to send me again”.

Wait! It’s not because of the Layout file. It’s because of you’re in the wrong window. After import project maybe you’re still in Project window.

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Open Microsoft Project file and a blank screen appear

When you work with Microsoft Project 2010 in 2 monitor, you finish working, save the file and then next day you open a project file and a blank screen appear like this:


What the he**, where is my project?

At first I thought the file is damaged, but it isn’t.

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Does it matter calculating the total float from the start dates or finish dates in P6?

We were taught that the total float is the amount of time that the activity can be delayed without affecting the overall project duration.

And the calculation of the total float is the difference between the late dates and the early dates.

Either the Late Start – Early Start or Late finish – Early Finish. Both should give the same results.

But in P6 you have the option to use start dates or the finish dates in calculating the float.

Figure (1) – Shows P6 settings for float calculations

So, does it matter? Or does it give different results?

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Remove relationship for multiple activities

You have a group of activities which need to be removed all relationship


Instead of going to each activity and click the Remove button, you can select all activity -> right click ->  Assign -> Click on either Predecessor or Successor


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