Export data to Excel with “lowest level” summary data only

You create an Activity code to group data as you wish. After assigning and grouping activity by Activity code, here is the result:


You want to export only the summary data to excel. So we will tick the “Show Summaries Only” option.



However, you only want to export summary data at the lowest level. Because if you export all level, then in excel if you sum the value, it is a wrong number.

So, how can we show only summary data at the lowest level. The “high level” summary data should be zero.

Here is the solution.

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When do we use “Store Period Performance” function?

In my project, I receive updated data from construction team every month. However, they never update data correctly in that period.

For example, this month is December, most of activity they update start and finish within December but there are always some activities which is updated in November or even in October. (They said they forget to update those activities in November so now they update it this month).

In this case P6 will add some more units to November and make your November report wrong. You have sent November report to other parties and it can not be edited. So, the only solution is you move all November “mistake” unit to December.

You can use Excel to save figure of November and December. Then we can have Actual this month by taking December minus November.

However, we can do this right in Primavera.

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Turn off Auto Compute Actuals for 1 activity

By default our project check this option like below image so that when you update Duration % complete, P6 will update Actual units for you.


When you don’t want this happen, you can turn it off. However it will apply to the whole project.

How about you want to turn it off for only one activity.

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Does Resource Curve affect Remaining Late Unit

The Resource curve obviously affect Remaining Early Unit. How about Remaining Late Unit. The answer is YES.

We have a resource assignment window showing Remaining Early and Remaining Late unit.


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Shortcut for moving WBS element

In WBS window, we can create a whole WBS structure by keyboard (faster than using mouse).

In stead of click on the Plus icon to create a new WBS, we can press “Insert” button on keyboard.

Enter the ID, press “Tab” then enter the name.

We may want to move it left, instead of click on Left arrow, we can use shortcut:

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