What is Expected Finish Date in Primavera P6 used for?

In Primavera P6, when you schedule the project and see the Activity Original duration change, it's probably because of Expected Finish date. So what is Expected Finish Date and how do we use it? The Expected Finish date acts as a constraint if the Scheduling Option "Use Expected Finish Dates" is switched on. Use the Expected... Continue Reading →

How to use Activity Duration Type in Primavera P6

In Primavera P6, when we assign resource to activity there is a equation: Original Duration x Units/Time = Total Units (          10 days        x 8 hours/day = 80 hours         ) Now when you change duration, which element will be changed: Units/Time or Total Units? That's... Continue Reading →

What is the difference between Activity type: Task Dependent and Resource Dependent in Primavera P6

In Primavera P6, there are 2 popular activity type: Task Dependent and Resource Dependent. So what is the difference? By choosing Task Dependent or Resource Dependent, P6 will choose what calendar it will use for the activity: Choose Task Dependent: P6 use Activity calendar for the activity Choose Resource Dependent: P6 use Resource calendar for the activity... Continue Reading →

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