Forensic / Delay Schedule Analysis – Summary Graphic Report in 1 Page

After finishing Delay analysis in Primavera P6 or MS Project, we need to make a summary graphic report for high-level manager. They do not read detail report like this: They'd like to see a report like this: Summary Time Impacted Analysis / Window Analysis As-Built But-For / Collapsed As-Built You can download PDF file here:... Continue Reading →


How to perform Collapsed As-Built / As-Built But-For Schedule Delay Analysis in Primavera P6

Introduction An Collapsed As-Built / As-Built But-For Schedule Delay Analysis (ABBF) is a retrospective CPM schedule delay analysis technique that determines the earliest date that the required project completion activity, or various milestone activities could have been achieved but-for the owner-caused delays that occurred during the project. The amount of owner-caused delay determined from the ABBF Schedule... Continue Reading →

Benefit of using Primavera P6 in Delay Analysis

These are some benefit of using Primavera P6 in Delay Analysis: 1. Filter which activity affect the MilestoneThere are so many Delay Event happen in project. Each Delay Event affect certain Activities. Which Delay Event or Activity affect the Milestone? Using P6, we can easily identify which activity affect a certain Milestone. Then we can... Continue Reading →

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