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Project Planner / Construction Claims Consultant / Delay Analyst

Oracle Primavera P6 Certified Specialist



Hi. My name is Do Duy Khuong. I’m a Project Planner / Construction Claims Consultant / Delay Analyst in Civil, Transportation and Oil & Gas Industry. I’ve also worked as a Primavera Consultant Specialist since 2006 . I’ve got a Civil Engineering degree and a Bachelor of Information Management System. Now I’m working in SGC company, providing Delay Analysis service. We have offices in Beijing – China and Dubai – UAE.

I love to share my knowledge about Oracle Primavera software.

I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂



I have been following you for a while, reading your posts and surfing your blogs. I wish you all the best and keep up your amazing contribution to your fellow planners. Please know that I appreciate what you are doing very much. Regards, Karam

Karam Ahmad – Planning Engineer

Hi Khuong, I came across your Primavera blog tips and blog pots via a Google Search a while ago. Since then, I have been following your blog posts and shared them with over 10,000 connections that we have on Facebook at Project Control Academy. I like how informational and instructive your blog pots are. Just … Continue reading “Shohreh Ghorbani, M.Eng., PMP – Director, Project Control Academy”

Shohreh Ghorbani, M.Eng., PMP – Director, Project Control Academy

Hello sir, I am pratik from India. I have read all your articles & post and this was extremely useful.

Pratik Khadatare – Civil Engineer

I read your blog. your knowledge and grip over primavera is amazing. The style, you explain a process is very good. I appreciate your positive attitude by responding comments. Keep it up man. I like your helping nature.

Farhan Gul – Planning Engineer

Hi Khuong We know each other from LinkedIn Groups and I appreciate the Blogs that you put out. Thanks Very Much & Best Regard Aftab Khan

Aftab Khan – Planning/Scheduling & Project Controls

Hi Khuong, Thank you for all your Primavera materials, they have been very helpful. Kind regards

Rephinus Omoro (PMP)® (MCP)® (P6 EPPM) – Project Planner

Hi Khuong , I’ve been reading most of your post, which I find very helpful to me as a planner. I was so stupid I have not invited you to connect with me, till now 🙂

Ramon Santiago, PMP – Sr. Planning Engineer

Hi. Just a message to say you have a great blog really useful keep it up 🙂

Adam Garnham – Senior Project Controls Engineer

Hi Khuong, How are you? Hope fine. I have learnt many things from your post. I want to improve my skills in Primavera P6

Oluwakemi Oyebanji, MBA, PMP – Program Manager

Hi Khuong, Just wanting to write to say that I enjoy reading your articles. Cheers, Palaram

S. Palaram – Planner

Thank you for your Primavera blog. It is extremely helpful. Have a great day Sir.

Joel Rahn – Project Manager and Master Scheduler

Hi Khuong. I have been reading your blog for quite a while now…good job indeed. Have a Good Day..

Vinoy Sukumaran – Jr. Planning Engineer

Mr. Khuong, I am totally respect your skill and expertise. Very rare someone explore the P6 function to the extend of it. Good work

Mohammed Hazri Mohammed Yutim – Consulting Planner

Khuong, your article “How to quickly identify behind schedule and over budget activities in Primavera” in Project Controls Academy website was very helpful. Thanks

Venkat Jayaraman – Nuclear Project Control Specialist

Khuong, I recently saw one of your blog posts, and it helped me get through the issues with POBS. I would like to connect to share more knowledge of scheduling and project planning in general. Regards, Yohan

Yohan Hong – Project Assistant

Special thanks for your contribution and sharing your knowledge with Project Control Academy community – Q3 – 2017

Shohreh Ghorbani, M.Eng., PMP – Director, Project Control Academy

Hi. I saw ur blogs, very impressive. Your blog is very informative and i really appreciate for the effort you make.

Nikhil Raj Primavera Online Trainer

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. are you Vietnamese ? Hope you create similar blog in Vietnam. Our engineer is lacking knowledge about Primavera P6. That is a way to distribute your experience to support Vietnam Engineer in above mentioned software. Thanks


  2. Quick question, If a contract terms requires project completion in conservative calendar days (6 or 7-days/week) and contractor are working week days (5-days/week). How should contractor show actualized completed field work on the schedule, use calendar days or working days? And how would they recoup or make up all the none weekend work to meet deadline/project completion without delaying or asking for excusable and compensable extension of time. Thanks!


    1. Hi,
      If the contract term use 7 day workweek and define start date 01-Jan, end date 07-Jan, it mean 7 working day.
      The contractor use 5 day workweek. When you create project in Primavera, choose 5 day workweek calendar. Then your project will finish on 09-Jan.


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