How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6

In a project plan beside the Start and Finish date of activity, we also need to know When we need resource, and How many resource we need.

I will show you how to do it.

We have a simple project with 3 activities and is assigned resource as follow:

  • Activity A : 10 worker and 1 Crane
  • Activity B : 5 worker and 2 Crane
  • Activity C : 20 worker

How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6 - 1

Now we will make a Labor, Equipment mobilization plan so that we know when we need the resource and how many we need.

First we need to make some configuration. Go to menu Admin -> Admin Preferences. Click on Time Periods tab. Edit the Hours value to match with your Project calendar.

For example if you use 6 days work-week, you have to adjust Hours/Week is 48, Hours/Month is 208 (8 x 26), Hours/Year is 2496 (208 x 12)


After finish, click Close button.

Click on Resource Usage Spreadsheet button.

How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6 - 2

Hold Ctrl button and select 2 resource : Worker and Crane

How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6 - 3

Now data will show on the right.

But all data is in Units format. We may don’t care number of unit, we only care number of person or equipment.

You will right click on the table and select Spreadsheet Options

How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6 - 4

Click on Calculate Average and Base on Hours per Time Period

How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6 - 5

Now you can see the figure show in number of person and equipment.

How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6 - 6

On the week of 29-Sep you will need total 35 workers and 3 cranes.

You can also print the report by going to Print Preview

How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6 - 7

With this Resource Mobilization Plan you know when you need resource and how many.


Author: Khuong Do

Khuong Do is a Project Planner / Construction Claims Consultant / Delay Analyst in Civil, Transportation and Oil & Gas Industry. He has worked as a Primavera Consultant Specialist since 2006 . He holds a Civil Engineering degree and a Bachelor of Information Management System. Now he is working in SGC company, providing Delay Analysis service. They have offices in Beijing – China and Dubai – UAE.

9 thoughts on “How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6”

  1. Doduykhuong,
    Thanks for this presentation.

    I was wondering, should the hours per week be 48 instead of 56?

    Also, I noticed you used 26 days per month for a 6 working day week. Is this the standard number of days to use for a 6 day week.
    What is the standard for a 5 working day week? Is it 22?



    1. I think he depends on calocations
      1 week = 6 working days = 8×6 = 48 hours “8 working hours/ day”

      So if your calender based on 5 working days per week
      So 1 week =8×5 =40 hours

      For month calculations.. we use the standard 4 weekends per month
      So if your calendar 6 working days that means 4 off days per month;

      Working days per month= total days per months – total off days

      Total days per month=30 days
      For 5 working days :
      Off days = 2×4= 8 d
      Working days per month= 30-8 = 22 d
      So working hours/month= 8×22 = 176

      For year= monthly working hours× count of months
      = 176 ×12= 2112 h
      I hope that you find it easy


  2. Good post. Though my problem is the “Calculate Average Based on Hours per Time Period” does not work. Checking it does not convert units of hours to number. Is there a way to resolve this?


  3. hi doduykhuong,

    I Trust you are very well

    The way you explained the labour and equipment mobilization is very good, in my opinion this examples will work perfectly for plan only. how ever for updating the actual I have faced some problems in that.
    here I have mentioned some of my query related to this topic. if possible can you please give some suggestion in that.
    how does it will work for actual progress update?
    Does the actual cost for each labour and equipment is working fine?
    how the actual quantity is being measured and updated for this case either by units, Duration or physical?

    Thanks in advance



    1. Hi Balaji,
      Basically P6 control by Units, so even you see the number is in person or machine but in fact P6 save in database in Unit format.
      You will update in Unit format as usual. For example if this week we actually have 10 worker on site, you will update Actual Unit is 480 ( 10 worker x 8 hours/day x 6 days/week). And in the Mobilization table, if you show Actual value, P6 will show 10.
      Regarding actual cost, it still work as usual, it is not affected from showing data like this.


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