How to modify Activity ID Suffix in Primavera P6

In Primavera we can use ‘Renumbering Activity ID” function to modify Activity ID Prefix. How about we want to modify Suffix.

I will show you how.

We have a simple project with default activity ID like this


First we go to Tool -> Global Change


Click on New button


In “Then” section:

  • In Parameter select “Activity ID”
  • In Parameter/Value select “Activity ID”
  • In Operator select “&”
  • In Parameter/Value select “Custom”


Then enter the Suffix you want to add. For example “FDN”


Click on “Change” button.


P6 will show you a preview of the change. Click on “Commit Changes” button.


Now you can see there is “FDN” letter in your Activity ID.



Author: doduykhuong

Chief Planning Engineer. Scheduler. Oracle Primavera P6 Certified Specialist. Provide Primavera P6, Microsoft Project Tips & Tricks

2 thoughts on “How to modify Activity ID Suffix in Primavera P6”

  1. I use ‘user_text’ field as a variable then export Activities to Excel spreadsheet. Then build new activity ID’s in ‘user_text’ and import back into P6. Now global change saying: activity ID = user_text

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